Berit Louise Sara Grønn

Berit Louise Sara Grønn

Berit Louise’s work is about her perception of life, vary themes she spends time thinking of and mythology. Making observations of society and her surroundings. Her own experiences, relations and beliefs are in a conversation with her examinations. She is looking at the surroundings and creating a kind of sense of chance. She is Sami and her upbringing in the Sami culture has thought her how to value nature, subconsciousness and the worlds spirituality, the way life was handled and the impressions of everyday life is well within her. 

Berit Louise Sara Grønn is currently based in Oslo, Norway.

“Most of her projects start with a photograph, that then will lead into the painting. Applying colour, form, expressions, words, themes and life on the canvas gives her freedom to play and develop within her own regulations. The works are about exploring abstraction, about balancing between having control and indulging in the unknown. The tension between the first strokes and the next ones that follow, those that only occur as accidents and how the interaction develops into unknown visual possibilities. She is interested in how the dynamics of the canvas changes with new elements that arise as she adds different materials from acrylic and oil to silk fabrics and ribbons. Her paintings let her join in on dialogues and her vibrancy in the work becomes an abundance of visual information.”

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