Johannes Holt Iversen

Lascaux 1.6.17 beta 1
Artist studio

Johannes Holt Iversen is a Danish painter and sculptor who recently graduated from The Dutch Art Academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

In 2019 Johannes Holt Iversen were participating in the video portrait work by world renowned photographer Rineke Dijkstra, celebrating the 350 years of golden age painter Rembrandt and his renowned masterpiece the Nightwatch. The work of Rineke Dijkstra, which Johannes is partaking in, will be a part of the vast collection of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. In 2019 three of the latest works in his series ”Lascaux 1.0” was acquired by the Danish Arts Council for the Danish National Museum Collection. Johannes Holt Iversen furthermore participated in the fundraise for UN UNESCO initiative GlobalScribes, a digital learning platform by young people for young people; by auctioning his work in the benefit of the UN initiative, money were raised to help the organisation build their schools and networks in developing nations by 2020.

Johannes Holt Iversen is currently based between Copenhagen Denmark and Amsterdam Netherlands.

“What influences my own creative process is among other the amazing upper paleolithic cave paintings such as the ones found in Lascaux, Maltravioso and the Chauvet cave. What amazes me is the idea that there were no systemized cultural entity determining the cultural value of these paintings back then, like we tend to do now. They presumably had their own systems back then; some say they used the cave paintings for navigating the stars in the sky, others suggest they were used for storytelling or determining the seasons of the year due to the absence or presence of specific wildlife and animals.” 

Johannes Holt Iversen
Fashion collaboration with Tatiana Quard Paris