Morten Rockford Ravn

Rockford Ravn’s work explores themes of chaos theory, alienation and the friction between physical and virtual realities. Working in mediums ranging from painting, photography to sculpture and digital forms. Rockford Ravn’s work have been featured in media outlets such as VICE, BBC and ZEIT. Since he started showing his work in early 2016 he have exhibited in a variety of spaces and places, ranging from a former insane asylum to a castle and traditional white cube galleries in Denmark, UK, Germany and South Korea. 

“Because of the exponential technological development, where science fiction becomes science fact on daily basis, I find working in a singular medium inadequate to express the confusion and complexity of our time.

I work multi-disciplinarily because of the different worlds that open up with each distinct media. You take the same sensibility and bring it to different avenues, and what arises from that process is quite distinct based on medium, from writing to making sculpture to painting, video, digital work and beyond. There’s never been more possibilities to explore, and by doing so, creating cross-pollination that goes above and beyond a singular medium. All the different mediums I work in feed off, and into each other, breeding idiosyncratic expressions with their own internal logic.” 

Image: Jenny Sundby
Intergalactic Combustion
Maximum Velocity